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Right To Health, Inc. was created to address an unacceptable disparity in healthcare and outcomes in the minority, underinsured and uninsured communities.

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We know that these populations are over-represented in mortality (death), morbidity (sickness) and in frightening care needed in emergency rooms around the country. We seek to address not only the disparity in healthcare, but in researching compliance (ability to change and improve behaviors) in these communities. A mobile health unit will test for early signs of heart disease BEFORE symptoms like pain arise and BEFORE a person has to come to emergency care, costing millions of dollars in treatment and much more in human terms. We will educate, empower and retest participants, helping them regain their Right To Health.



Will minorities comply with health advice?

Minority health advocates confront a unique dilemma in delivering service to special populations:  The practice of medicine requires cooperation between the advisor (or doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, midwife) and the patient, whose job it is to do what their advisor or clinician advises and see if it works toward their goal.  If the patient doesn't comply, then the riddle of the disease isn't solved.  When a practitioner says, "You need to change your diet and/or lifestyle" and the patient feels that the only thing they CAN control or choose for themselves, especially in a world that seems so out of control, they may intend to but just not find a way.  When you add problems with transportation and access to the fact that some healthy foods are more expensive than cheaper, often fast food, it can seem like a mountain to climb.  Particularly for Blacks, fatty, fried, salty or sugary foods may be a large part of the traditions we want to cling to - the only connections to childhood and/or family memories or comforting thoughts from our past, or simply habits we've formed over the years.

At Right To Health, we believe that when folks take control of their health-related choices, they begin to take back control of other parts of their lives.  For instance, did you know that at most warehouse-type groceries, you can get a bag of mixed beans ready for soaking/cooking for about .60-.75 cents/pound?  That is really inexpensive when you consider that it contains a lot of fiber, which helps reduce cholesterol and help with digestive health, protein that helps to create the sensation of fullness and may reduce over-eating and to varying degrees iron, a vital trace mineral in blood cell development and management.

If you are stuggling with balance between intention and action, send us a message or post it here!  This is a HUGE problem in our culture, especially in minority and underserved communities.  But we are all living in a world where temptation and instant gratification is everywhere and self-discipline less valued at least on the surface.  Not for nothing, tough economic times and a rapidly changing world also create an environment that may drive us to make short-term decisions that feel good in the moment.  The problem is that a series of those kinds of decisions usually leads to a problem with overweight, addiction or simply poor outcomes.

What are the main barriers to behavior change?  Send a message and let us know what you find most difficult about complying with medical or elder advisors even when you may know that they are acting in your best interest when they recommend them.  Tell us what we can do to make those changes easier or at least more tolerable.  If you've had trouble and made the changes anyway, please share what's worked for you!  Someone else may see your problem and have suggestions or benefit from your wisdom!!




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